The Best Tips for Carpet Stain Removal

The carpets are something that live their entire life on risks and also endure a lot. You may make hundreds of efforts to keep your carpets cleaned, but something always comes up. Carpets can never be foolproof safe from accidents. This is the reason why you should have the knowledge of carpet stain removal to treat them your own before calling the professionals. Stains happen, they are inevitable, but you can’t let your carpets endure them, stains can damage their fibre. That’s why you should know the tips for carpet stain removal for emergencies.

Carpet Stain Removal
Carpet Stain Removal

Ways to Treat Stubborn Stains On Carpet

  • Coffee and Tea Stains

    The spills of coffee and tea need to treat on the urgent basis as these are stains can leave yellow stains on the carpeting that can become permanent. You have to clean up the excess moisture immediately to prevent the stain to become permanent.

    • Soak a clean cloth paper towel in the detergent solution and blot it onto the stained area to remove the excess moisture.
    • Dampen another cloth with the vinegar and bloat it onto the stain. Keep the cloth pressed onto the stained area for a few minutes.
    • Clean the area with a clean white cloth using lukewarm water.
    • Repeat the process until the stain vanishes completely.
  • Pet Stains on Carpet

    Pet Stains On Carpet
    Pet Stains On Carpet

    These are one of the most common kinds of stains for the homeowners with a pet. Even if your pets are well-trained, your carpets are never safe. But worry not, these stains can be removed and the condition can be restored.

    • Clean up the fresh stains, as soon as it happens with the help of a white clean cloth.
    • If you are treating an old urine stain, make sure to moisten it first.
    • Add equal parts of warm water and vinegar, apply the mixture to the targeted area.
    • Now make a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid and blot the solution over the stain.
    • Keep repeating the process until you get the desired results.
  • Red wine, Blood, Juice and Ink Stains

    When you are dealing with such stubborn stains, before anything you have to keep patience. Along your time, the stain demands most of your efforts. you have to be proactive in such cases and treat the stain immediately. The faster you treat the stain the better.

    Red Wine Stains on Carpet
    Red Wine Stains on Carpet
    • You will be needing the soda water, baking soda, and salt for the treatment.
    • Soak the excess mess or moisture with a damp cloth.
    • Pour half cup of soda water on the stained area.
    • Mix equal amounts of baking soda and table, and sprinkle about 5 tablespoons of the mixture onto the targeted area.
    • Rub the entire mixture onto the stained area and let it sit for about 10 minutes.
    • Vacuum the mixture from the carpet making sure no residues are left.
  • Oil and Grease Stains

    Oil and grease stains belong to the toughest stain categories that are the most difficult to remove and may test your patience. These stains may include glue, cooking oil, butter, crayons, lipstick, and other related things.

    Oil and Grease Stains From Carpet
    Oil and Grease Stains From Carpet
    • Soak the oil using a paper towel to remove the excess amount of moisture.
    • Apply rubbing alcohol to the stained area using a washcloth. Blot the stain, do not wipe it.
    • Apply the mixture of dishwashing liquid and water and dab onto the carpet using a sponge.
    • Continue to repeat the process until you get the desired results.

When Should You Call Professionals?

If the stains on the carpet are toughest or you are not sure whether you can remove them on your own, consider calling the professionals. They always know the best ways for carpet stain removal. Call Peters Cleaning Service and get your carpet cleaned to perfection without a single mark of stain. We know all the possible ways to make your carpet cleaner, sanitised, and brand new once again.


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