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The foam mattress is very difficult to clean. You cannot clean the mattress by washing it as the water breaks the foam or makes them weaker. The foam mattress is very soft and the favorite choice of the consumer. But their maintenance is a challenging job. You cannot rotate your mattress as there is the danger of breakage. Also, you cannot clean your mattress with water as it would make your mattress weak.

When you do not clean your mattress once a week it would make your mattress greasy or grime. The greasy and grime mattress causes molds or fungus. The fungus and molds also cause rashes, itching, and skin diseases. So, you have to clean the former mattress carefully and thoroughly to prevent mold and fungus. The clean and hygienic Foam Mattress will prevent diseases and promote a hygienic environment. 

The five points not to forget during Foam Mattress Cleaning are:

  1. Use the mild amount of water:

The foam mattresses are adversely affected by water. The foam mattress can easily break if you use an excessive amount of water. It is advised to use a mild amount of water to clean your foam mattress carefully without causing any damage.

2. Properly positioning the foam mattress:

It is important to position your foam mattress once. By rotating your foam mattress again and again it would break or crack the foam in the mattress. Place the foam mattress in a position, in which you can easily clean it without rotating it.

3. Equip yourself properly before cleaning:

You should properly equip yourself before cleaning. By equipping yourself with necessary items will help you to save time and energy. The necessary items are:

  • Baking soda
  • Spray bottle
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning detergent 
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Cleaning brush

4. Do not place your foam mattress near heating resources:

When you are cleaning your foam mattress, we use hot water or machines you can Contact Us to know more. Before using machines, we heat them. The mattress that is placed near the heating resource can shrink or catch fire easily. It is advisory not to place your foam mattress near the heating resource. Place it 5 meters away from the resource. 

5. Do not wet your foam mattress:

While cleaning we forget to use a little amount of water as the stain is unable to be removed. Keep a mild amount of water near you so that water will be used in a definite amount. Using excessive amounts of water while cleaning can break your foam mattress or crack it. It makes your foam mattress weak and decreases its lifespan.


The foam mattress should be cleaned with great care. The foam mattresses are very delicate, which is why it is difficult to clean them. It is important not to change the position of the mattress again and again and use a mild amount of water. You can do Foam Mattress Cleaning by steam cleaning method. Steam cleaning uses a mild amount of water to clean the mattress. Healthy Mattress Cleaning Brisbane promotes a hygienic environment.

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