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Cleaning the bathroom tiles frequently is very important as it is very important to place in the home that needs to be cleaned at least once a week.  If you switch for the basic clean, the simple household materials such as lemon juice, all-purpose cleaning agents, and baking soda will do better.

For the purpose of deep cleaning, use the steam cleaner or any other strong chemical cleaning agents such as bleach. It is also very important to clean the grout in between the Tile.

Basic cleaning method

Using vinegar to clean the bathroom tile or tiles in other places is really a good choice as it will completely take off the dirt from the floor and gives perfect cleaning. Mix water and white vinegar in equal portion, this will be an effective cleaning agent, which will give you good results. After mixing the vinegar and water just dab the rag and start scrubbing the tile until you notice the clean surface, then allow it to dry.

Clean Bathroom Tile Services Brisbane

Clean Bathroom Tile Services Brisbane

Clean using lemon juice

Lemon juice works really work better in cleaning the bathroom tiles as it is acidic in nature. Squeeze the lemon juice in the spray bottle and directly spray on the bathroom tile. After spraying take a sponge and wipe the floor clearly. You can even damp the sponge in lemon juice directly and wipe the tile. After wiping rinse the tile using warm water. If necessary sprinkle some baking soda before spraying the lemon juice on the tile and wipe it with warm water.

Spray cleaning agents on the tile

There numerous cleaning agents available online and nearby local stores. Choose the right product that perfectly suits your tile or follow the manufacturer’s instruction and select the cleaning agent. Spray the cleaning product on the tile and wipe it with a clean cloth. If you choose the powdered cleaning products mix and dissolve it in water and then spray it on the tile floor. Before you start cleaning the tile, close the doors and windows of the bathroom and run the hot water in the tub. Because this will build up steam in the entire bathroom and it will be easier for you to clean.

Heavy duty tile cleaners

Heavy Duty Tile Cleaners Brisbane

Heavy Duty Tile Cleaners Brisbane

Use the baking soda (1/2 cup), hydrogen peroxide (1/4 cup)  and liquid dish soap (one tablespoon), pour all the ingredients together in the spray bottle. Start spraying the mixture on the tile and wipe it with the wet sponge.

Mix bleach and water in 1:3 ratio, this is an effective tile cleaning agent which will easily take away the dirt from the bathroom tile. Spray the solution on the tile and rinse it with warm and clean water and clean it with the damp cloth or sponge. A steam cleaning is a good choice, but cleaning the bathroom tiles frequently will give you effective results fast without any further hard work. As the tiles in the bathroom look good and clean it will create a hygiene environment in your home. For more information Call or get the free quote.