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Home decor is considered incomplete without having a cozy carpet. It is a good way to enhance the appearance of your home. And, wool floor carpet coverings work as a style of home designing. Usually, woollen carpet is warm underfoot, durable, and give a comfortable surface for walking. But on the other hand woollen carpet requires extra care and maintenance. You should care for your woollen carpet correctly to balance your investment.

Woollen Carpet Cleaning
Woollen Carpet Cleaning

How Often to Clean a Wool Rug

If you want to have a clean and neat woollen carpet, you should vacuum your carpet regularly. Regular vacuuming is the key to maintain the beauty of carpet fibres. You can vacuum your woollen carpet at least twice weekly or call the experts once a year to have professional woollen carpet cleaning. If you have kids or asthma patients in your home, you can also hire professional cleaning twice a year. The professional cleaning will help the rug last longer and develop an overall performance.

Easy Steps to Keep Woollen Carpet Neat and Clean

  • Remove Dust from The Carpeting:

    If you have also woolen carpet in your home and want to keep it clean, use a quality broom. It is a good choice for removing dust from the carpets. You can also place a rug outside to reduce the amount of dust or dirt. But don’t forget to clean rug too. 
  • Vacuum:

    You should clean your carpeting by regular vacuuming. A regular vacuuming will remove all small dust particles from your carpeting and will keep it dust free. If you vacuum your carpet on a regular basis, you can protect your carpet from dust and other contaminants. If you want to get complete protection for your carpet, you can lease our professional carpet sweepers for cleaning.
  • Mix a Gentle Detergent Solution:

    For proceeding the procedure of carpet cleaning, take a bucket and fill it with water. Then, mix detergent into water filled bucket and mix well. After making cleaning solution, use it over the stained area of your woolen carpet and clean it. However, Professional cleaning is best  and good choice and also will make your woolen carpet long lasting. For keeping your woller carpet neat and clean, you should hire professional carpet cleaning once a year. 
  • Scrub Gently:

    You can scrub the carpet gently. First, dip a sponge into the detergent solution and scrub the carpet. You can also scrub on the affected area where the stain is appearing. Avoid harsh rubbing, it can damage your carpet. A gentle scrubbing will remove the soil which is deeply fixed into the carpet fibre. To get a perfect result, you can hire our experts who are skilled and provide the best carpet cleaning services in your city.
  • Rinse The Area and Remove Cleaning Mixture:

    Rinse out the sponge frequently as the soil or dust is eliminated from the carpet fibre. Avoid over wetting or saturate the fibres because wool is very absorbent and could take a long time to dry up thoroughly.
  • Blot Up Moisture:

    Blot up the carpet area by using an old towels so that you can absorb any excessive moisture from the carpeting. And repeat this step until the carpet has been cleaned. Well, professional is the best option to get carpet dry cleaning. This type of cleaning will not create any kind of mess on your carpet.
  • Allow to Dry Completely:

    Allow the carpet to dry completely before using it. Use fans with high speed and improve air circulation. 
Affordable Carpet Cleaning
Affordable Carpet Cleaning

Choose Professional Cleaning

If you want to get cleaned your carpet professionally with our experienced workers, call the specialists of Peters Cleaning Services. We have skilled and experienced workers who can clean all sorts of carpet with professional skills. So, be quick and call us now to get Affordable Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane!

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