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A sofa is one of the attractive and beautiful decors of any home. Keeping it clean is a difficult task. With the regular usage, your sofa gets attracted all the dirt, stains and allergens. These contaminants can cause some serious breathing issues to the users.

Moreover, your sofa fabric will also start getting damaged if it is not cleaned on time. Many homeowners ignore when it comes to clean their sofa and thus end up dumping it. Getting a new sofa can be very expensive instead you can get it cleaned. This will also help in prolonging the life of it. If your sofa is not in good condition then it leaves a bad impression on the guests who arrives at your place as well. To maintain the original look of your sofa and to increase the life of it you can follow the below-given tips.

Sofa Cleaning Service
Sofa Cleaning Service

Tips to Prolong The Life of A Sofa

  1. Regular Vacuuming:

    It is very much important to regularly vacuum your sofa to remove all loose particles, pet hairs and other particles. Choose the best vacuum machine which is suitable for your sofa and make sure you vacuum your sofa at least thrice a week. Apply the right method while vacuuming the machine. You can select a vacuum machine attached with an upholstered brush so that all the small particles can also be removed from your sofa. This is one of the best and important tips to prolong the life of your lovely sofa. 
  2. Steam Cleaning:

    There are many methods through which you can prolong the life of your mattress and one among them is get it steam cleaned. If your sofa is too filthy then do not take any risk and steam clean it. Steaming will remove all the tough stains and bacteria residing on your sofa. The steam cleaning method is one of the best techniques to prolong the life of the sofa. You can get a steaming machine at home and go for it or you can even take the help of professionals if your sofa fabric is too delicate. 
  3. Treat The Stains Immediately:

    If you see your sofa got stained then do not wait and treat it immediately. If the stains reached deep into the fabric then there’s a chance that fabric may get damaged. Moreover, it is easy to remove fresh stains whereas it is difficult to remove old stains. While removing the statins make sure you are using eco-friendly solution which is completely safe to your sofa. Do not use any kind of chemical products. So upholstery stain removal is also helpful in increasing the life of it.
  4. Keep The Sofa Away From The Sunlight:

    Make sure your sofa is not getting directly in contact with sunlight as this can also gradually destroy the fabric. So if you want to add life to your sofa then keep it away from the sunlight. You can move the furniture in the place where sunlight can’t reach. Most of the experts give this tip when it comes to increasing the life of the sofa. 
  5. Get A Sofa Protector:

    This is also one of the important tips to prolong the life of the sofa. It is essential to protect the sofa by the covers which you will get in the market. There are various types of sofa protector which will help in keeping your couch away from the dirt particles. Stains will also not reach directly on the fabric. There are many advantages to sofa protector. Make sure you are choosing appropriate sofa covers or protectors which is comfortable yet suitable for your couch. 
Best Sofa Cleaning Service
Best Sofa Cleaning Service

Book Professional Upholstery Cleaners

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