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Quality Mattress Cleaning Services in Adelaide

Our mattresses are our friends; they provide us warmth while we are asleep and resting. It is being said that, the cleaner your mattress is, the better you would sleep. You must be doubting on this, let us clear your doubt. When you sleep on a dirty mattress, you’re more prone to catch a disease. A dirty mattress contains millions of pathogens, dead skin cells, sweat, dust and dust mite. The accumulation of all these causes breathing problems, also it has been found in a study that you would have more nightmares on a dirty mattress than a cleaner mattress.
Therefore, at Peters Cleaning Services we provide exclusive mattress cleaning service in Adelaide. To ensure quality and proper mattress cleaning service, we have come with new mattress cleaning techniques. This new technique completely cleans the mattress by removing all pathogens, dust, sweat, urine, stains and dust mite. Also, if there are bed bugs on the mattress, we also do the bed bug treatment. If you want to give your mattress a proper cleaning, then you must choose us. To know more about our mattress cleaning service, read more…

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    Our Wide Range Of Mattress Cleaning Services

    At Peters Cleaning Services we are proud to offer our wide range of mattress cleaning services. Here is the list of all our mattress cleaning services.

    Mattress Steam Cleaning

    In our mattress steam cleaning service, the mattress is deep cleaned using steam. This steam is not only hot water vapor. We add a special cleaning solvent which combines with water and when water is converted into steam, this steam which is coming out from the steam cleaning machine cleanses the mattress. By thoroughly going deep inside the mattress and killing all the pathogens and dust mites.

    Dry Cleaning of Mattress

    Mattress dry cleaning is well, a dry process of cleaning. Steam cleaning makes the mattress wet and it takes usually 4 to 6 hours to completely make the mattress dry. Sometimes when the client has no time, we recommend mattress dry cleaning. The dry cleaning is done using a dry cleaning solvent, which easily seeps into the mattress and cleanses the mattress.

    Sanitizing The Mattress

    In this time, when our world is going through a pandemic, sanitizing everything is very important. So, at Peters Cleaning Services we are providing exclusive mattress sanitization service. Our mattress sanitization service kills 99% pathogens including micro-organism. To avail this service you know where to hit!

    Bad Mattress Odour Removal Service

    Bad odour from the mattress is a common issue, which every household faces. Moreover, pets or kids urine sometimes causes this odour, however, there are many reasons behind mattress odour. With the help of our quality deodorizing products and mattress cleaning service, we can remove any type of bad odour from your mattress.

    Dust Mite Infestation on Mattress

    Dust mites are small pests which crawl inside out on the mattress. Dust mites are also the culprit behind skin and breathing allergies. Thus, removing them is an important task. At Peters Cleaning Services we offer a complete dust-mite removal service. In order to book this service, contact us.

    Mattress Bed Bug Treatment

    Bed bugs are small pests which sucks the blood and disrupt your sleep. Bed bugs can also worsen your sleep cycle and even can make you an insomniac. Thus, besides those red bumps on your skin, bed bugs can do much worse. So, call us to do the mattress bed bug treatment and take your revenge from them.

    Stain Removal From Mattress

    Stains are the top nemesis of your mattress, the unfortunate thing is that there are many types of stains. Thus, to remove each type of stain, there’s a different method. However, you don’t have to worry about this, at Peter Cleaning Services we provide all types of mattress stain removal services Such as:

    1. Coffee stain removal
    2. Bloodstain removal
    3. Urine stain removal
    4. Yellow sweat stain removal

    The Process Of Our Mattress Cleaning Service

    To ensure smooth operation we have made our process transparent and strict. We follow our protocols to deliver the best in class mattress cleaning service.

    • Inspection: We begin the mattress cleaning service with an inspection visit to the clients’ place. During the inspection, we prepare a plan for the delivery of the mattress cleaning service. We point out any certain requirement from the clients and any challenges or a particular service which is needed to be done.
    • D-Day: On the scheduled day, we reach the client’s house and start delivering the service. First, we vacuum the mattress thoroughly and remove all the dust. So that we can proceed to the next step.
    • Steam Cleaning/Required Service: Depending on the condition of the mattress we deliver the specific service which is required. If the mattress is needed for cleaning we start steam cleaning the mattress.
    • Drying: After completion, we use our dryer to immediately dry the mattress and make the mattress ready for you.

    Commercial & Residential Mattress Cleaning

    At Peter Cleaning Services we deliver our mattress cleaning service in both residential and commercial areas. If you’re a hotel or motel owner, you can contact us. We offer great discounts to our commercial clients. Moreover, we also deliver our services in hospitals, hostels and rented apartments. For booking or more information, you can directly contact us on our toll-free number: (+61) 481 606 913.

    Why Choose Us?

    Peters Cleaning Services is an old player in the industry. We have served thousands of clients during our tenure as a mattress cleaner. We ensure that all our clients get the quality mattress cleaning service at an affordable price. In addition, for all your mattress cleaning you can rely on us, we assure you that you’ll not be disappointed with our services. Here are some benefits of choosing us:

    Mattress Cleaning Adelaide
    • Affordable mattress cleaning service
    • Professional quality
    • No hidden cost
    • Same day mattress cleaning
    • Zero mess/ eco-friendly mattress cleaning
    • Festive discount and loyal ship programs
    • 10% additional discounts for senior citizen

    Location: Adelaide, SA, Australia


    Question: Do you deliver services even on weekends in Adelaide?

    Answer: Yes we deliver all our mattress cleaning services even on weekends.

    Question: What’s the difference between mattress dry cleaning and mattress steam cleaning?

    Answer: The steam cleaning service involves water, whereas in the mattress dry cleaning we don’t use any water. Simply we use a dry cleaning solvent which sanitizes the mattress and cleans it at the same time.

    Question: Are You a Certified and Licensed Mattress Cleaner in Adelaide?

    Answer: Yes we hold the license to clean the mattress from the respective authority in Adelaide.