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Best in Class Rug Cleaning Services

Rugs are a smaller and convenient option against the carpet. Moreover, rugs have multipurpose use, one can lay them on floors either in the living room or bedroom. While rugs may seem smaller in appearance the price of a rug is relatively high. Some can even cost equal to the steam cleaning price of all your interior in the house. Thus, cleaning a rug is a task which requires responsibility and no room for mistakes. Therefore, to ensure maximum precision and desired result, at Peters Cleaning Services, we offer quality rug cleaning service. We use the best available solvent and equipment to clean the rugs.

We know some rugs are not just rugs they’re closer to the owner’s heart. By keeping in this mind, we make sure that this beloved rug has the right to be cleaned in a premium manner. Our experts are the most skilled and experienced carpet technician available in all Perth. At Peters Cleaning Services, we provide our employees with all the necessary supplies and equipment, so that they can deliver our clients with the best in quality services.
Rug Cleaning Perth

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    Our Exclusive Cleaning Services For Your Precious Rugs

    To deliver quality rug cleaning service we are offering a wide range of our services. In which we target each type of problem which comes across to every rug owner. Here’s our wide range of rug cleaning service:

    Rug Steam Cleaning

    Rug steam cleaning is a type of extraction of hot water soil that cleans carpets far more extensively than a surface cleaning equipment of a consumer-grade nature. Curiously enough, it does not necessarily require wind, but incredibly hot water is forced into a strong hose device that will vacuum away soil at the lowest point of the carpet.

    Dry Cleaning The Rug

    Rug dry cleaning is the opposite of rug steam cleaning as it is done without water. In the rug dry cleaning process, only a special dry cleaning solvent is poured inside the machine. The solvent alone vacuums dust, debris and cleanse the rug.

    Rug Stain Removal

    Sadly true but coffee stains, wine stains and dirty footsteps are only a part of life. Yeah, there are ways you can do your hardest to stop the mess in the first place — asking tourists, for example, to take off their shoes or purchase a stain-resistant carpet — but the better chance is learning how to get rid of them before it happens. At Peters Cleaning Services, we offer quality stain removal services at an affordable price.

    Mould Removal From Rugs

    Mould growth can easily go completely unnoticed in your home. Any homeowner should recognize what causes mould development and what precautions you should take to avoid it. Extracting mould from readily accessible places such as cabinets or toilets may only involve a quick spray for washing, but extracting mould from an intricate surface such as carpet needs a larger, more detailed sweep. We’re here to make your carpet completely free from mould growth.

    Rug Deodorization

    Using the basic components of water supplies, we adapt the cleaning method according to the requirements of each person’s rug. We, therefore, provide a comprehensive and thorough yet pleasant, powerfully soft cleaning process with patented technology and materials designed specifically for the deodorization of rugs.

    Our Process of Rug Cleaning In Perth

    At Peters Cleaning Services, we offer a deeper, longer-lasting, safer experience of cleaning rugs. Typical steam cleaning facilities use large volumes of water, resulting in a much longer dry period which can result in the development of mould and mildew at the base of the carpets. Our patented cleaning method for Hot Carbonating Extraction requires around 80 per cent fewer water than steam cleaners and produces improved performance. Using a homemade, green-certified cleaning product that is heated to more than 200 degrees, lots of small bubbles infiltrate the base of the carpets to clear the layer of soil, grime, dust and other allergens.

    Commercial Rug Cleaning Service

    Rugs have quickly become the chosen flooring choice for meeting rooms, hallways, classrooms, hotel rooms, reception areas and other accommodation spaces. The carpet flooring, which is accessible in almost every colour and style, improves the look of the work station, while still serving as an air filter. Dirt, pollen, allergens and other environmental contaminants get swept up by carpeting, making the environment safer in your house. Nevertheless, a rug may get filthy, discoloured, and dishevelled without adequate commercial rug cleanup. Protect your investment by hiring Peters Cleaning Services.

    Why Choose Us For Rug Cleaning In Perth?

    If you are searching for a local area rug cleaning service provider for your rug and carpet, you may rely on us. We are a skilled rug and carpet cleaning company that offers a safer, richer, lasting and healthy house. Our consumers have been long term loyal clients in the neighbourhoods we represent. You can trust our skilled, hard-working and polite technicians to appreciate your unique requirements and give you and your family a cleaner and safer house.
    Benefits of Choosing Us:

    • Same day rug cleaning
    • Zero hassle
    • No hidden cost
    • Affordable rug cleaning service
    • Discounts and offers
    Rug Cleaning In Perth

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    Question- Do you work on weekends?

    Yes, we work on weekends. We are available on all days to provide rug cleaning service in Perth.

    Question- Is steam cleaning safer for rugs?

    Yes, steam cleaning is completely safer for your rugs. Steam cleaning prolongs the life of your rug by removing dust, allergens and mould which can slowly degrade the rug fabric.

    Question- Do you accept a cheque?

    Yes, we accept payment in both cash and cheque mode. You will have no problem with payment with us.