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Whether you want to Scotchgard a sofa, a set of expensive suede boots, outdoor furniture pillows or rugs, the strong fabric protector spray can cover most stuff from the elements or random spills after just a few treatments. Before opening up the container’s lid, you should know the most reliable way to get high coverage, how to use the material and when is the best time of day to use the fabric protector spray.

Scotchgard Your Furniture for Additional Safety
Scotchgard Your Furniture for Additional Safety

Scotchgard Can Work on Every Material

From the vehicle seat to the upholstered dining room furniture, Scotchgard is a fabulous way to quickly add a layer of security to upholstery that is exposed to stains. Most porous materials can be benefitted from a layer of Scotchgard. It protects the upholstery from rambling spills or accidental wet weather. Scotchgard fabric protector is utilized for nylon, cotton, canvas, dense shag carpeting, stuffing, wool and, of course, polyester. It can also be practiced on suede and other natural fabrics as long as it is used precisely and an inspection area has been examined before using it to the entire item.

Scotchgard Can Work On Every Material
Scotchgard Can Work On Every Material

Steps to Use Scotchgard

When you Scotchgard furniture, it should first be fixed in order for the splash to adhere to the fabric. For that, vacuum your furniture and use fabric cleaner if needed. Scotchgard makes fabric-cleaning foam meant for use before the aerosol protectant spray. If you like using a different Upholstery Cleaning Thornton cleanser then first examines it on a private area. Once tested, use it according to the box directions. Let your furniture to dry thoroughly before sprinkling it with Scotchgard. If feasible, move the furniture outdoors on a sunny day.

The fabric protector spray should be kept at least 6 inches up from the cover of the fabric. Make sure to cover or preserve materials around the space you hope to cover. This way, it won’t get infected by the spray. It can transmit a mark on some plastics or woods. If it grows on the glass, easily wipe it up. Shake the bottle well before sprinkling. Put on a face mask and a set of rubber gloves to guard your skin and block inhaling of the aerosol spray. 

Shake the bottle for 30 seconds and aim the nozzle at the fittings, holding the can six inches away. Spray the furniture completely, but keep the container moving. Cover all fabric coverings and leave the furniture to dry. Apply another coat of Scotchgard after the first has dried. Wait for 8 to 12 hours before touching or resting on the furniture. The bigger the area, the longer the drying period to satisfactions you don’t have a damp overlap.

Upholstery Scotchgard Protection
Upholstery Scotchgard Protection


Scotchgard may disturb the skin and lungs of kids and pets. Do not utilize the product if you or your kids have delicate skin or if you have a pet with a past of respiratory difficulties.

How We Assist You?

Putting a shield to your much-loved sofa or your dining upholstery can be exciting. Peters Cleaning Services professional tricks will help you get the furniture and upholstery secured. So, by Brisbane professional help, then you don’t have to worry. Just call the best Scotchguard service provider or Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service in Brisbane provider and you are done. So, what is stopping you to make that call?

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