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Effective Steam Cleaning Services For Your Carpets

Is your carpet dirty? Do you think your carpet is degrading the look of your interiors? Then, it is time to steam clean your carpet. Carpets go through a lot of dirt and contaminating particles on a day to day basis. They absorb all the dirt, dust, dead skin, pet dander, and much more. All these factors contribute to the dull and dirty look of the carpet. We at Peters Cleaning Services provide effective steam cleaning solutions for dirty carpets. Our specialty is carpet steam cleaning which cleans your carpet deeply. Our agency offers quick steam cleaning services that too at affordable prices. So, if ever you are looking for a professional carpet steam cleaning agency, hire us. 

Steam cleaning of carpets at affordable prices

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is a very popular method of cleaning the carpet. It uses high pressure of hot water and detergent to enter the carpet fibres and clean them thoroughly. The use of detergent depends upon the type of carpet you have. When the hot water is extracted, it will remove all the soil, bacteria, and dirt along with it. This is the most effective method because it removes the dirt from the deeper ends of the carpet. We at Peters Cleaning Services provide steam cleaning at affordable rates. As compared to other agencies, our rates are quite reasonable.

Carpet steam cleaning benefits

There are many advantages and benefits of steam cleaning the carpets. We have provided here some of them:

  • The other methods of carpet cleaning just focus on cleaning the surface whereas steam cleaning provides a completely deep cleaning treatment for your carpets. It removes almost everything, right from pet hair, dust mites, debris, to even germs.
  • The hot water activates the detergent in order to lift up the dirt from the carpet. 
  • Also, in this method, less usage of chemicals can be seen.
  • Steam cleaning not only removes the dirt from the carpet but also protects it and prolongs its life. 

Thus, it safeguards your family and yourself from germs. 

Various steam cleaning services that we provide besides carpet cleaning

We offer various kinds of steam cleaning services. By various kinds, we mean that we steam clean not only your carpets but other belongings too. Steam cleaning is such a technique that is essential for removing dirt from all over the house. So, our steam cleaning services also include:

  • Upholstery steam cleaning
  • Mattress steam cleaning
  • Rug steam cleaning
  • Steam cleaning of curtains and blinds

Our professional steam cleaning process for absolute clean

Our professional cleaning team and cleaning staff use a certain process for cleaning your carpets. When it comes to cleaning, we do not want to risk it and provide you with efficient results. That is why we follow this process of cleaning with certain steps. So, our professional carpet cleaning process involves the following steps:

  • Carpet inspection: Carpet inspection is done to understand how dirty a carpet is and what all problems it is facing. It gives complete data of carpet condition to the professional cleaner. The inspection helps to analyze carpet problems and then solve them accordingly. 
  • Carpet stain removal: The presence of stains can cause a carpet to harbour germs and bacteria. These bacteria in turn cause serious health issues. That is why we start by removing all kinds of stains from your carpet. 
  • Thorough Steam cleaning: Carpet steam cleaning is a deep cleaning method for carpets. It uses hot water in the high-pressure form to clean the carpets deeply. This is said to be the best method for deep and effective carpet cleaning. 
  • Carpet rinsing: After steam cleaning, the hot water is extracted with which soil and dirt also come off. Then, the carpets are cleaned with fresh and clean water to remove any excess detergent or dirt. Rinsing is an important step after cleaning the carpets.
  • Drying and grooming: Carpets must be immediately dried after rinsing. Otherwise, the moisture in the carpet causes the growth of moulds and mildew. That is why let the carpet dry completely to the point of no moisture at all. Then, groom it neatly to remove any lines or scratches that occurred during cleaning. 
  • Sanitization and deodorization: Sanitization and deodorization are mainly done to ensure there are no more germs present on the carpet. Sanitization also prevents further entry of germs and deodorization keeps your carpets away from bad smells.

Why choose us for your carpet cleaning?

We are one of the leading carpet cleaning companies. Our agency consists of a professional team of carpet cleaners that are very talented and skilled. Their friendly behavior and experience make them popular among our clients. Also, we guarantee that our services are effective and long-lasting. We provide timely services. With us, you can rest assured that your needs are fulfilled and at reasonable prices. So, get in touch with us by dialing 0481606913. We offer free advice and free quotes too.

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