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Importance of carpet cleaning is well known by everyone but how to speed up carpet drying or normally, making your carpet dry is another one of the most important questions. There are many ways by which you can dry your carpet. Most common method to speed up drying is to use air movers across the carpet, this is an extremely easy procedure. 


Types of Drying Fans

Drying fans play a key role in speed up carpet drying as there are two types of fans which are used in carpet drying are: axial and centrifugal.  Centrifugal fans are best for small areas or hallways as they focus air in the specific direction whereas fans are the best for large spaces and spread air in every corner of the area. Fans are always kept at least 12 to 15 feet from the carpet surface. Carpet installation technicians also guide customers about drying and they suggest them never close the room while carpet is drying.

Always remember at any cost moisture should be removed from carpet because if dampness is present in the carpet in that case mold and few more bacteria’s take birth due to moisture because moisture provides them a favourable condition for growth. High humidity and low temperature facilitates unpleasant smell from the carpet and rise of different types of molds on the carpet. In fact not only the carpet smells like stale egg, even the whole area occupied by rugs smells very bad. Therefore, it is very important to remove all moisture from the carpet.

How to Examine Humidity, Air Movement and Temperature?

Examine humidity, air movement and temperature of the room carefully during carpet drying. Many experts of Peters Cleaning Services ’ advice is to buy a humidity meter to check the humidity in the room and if the reading is more than 50 percent, in that case atmosphere might prevent carpet from drying, which ultimately encourages the growth of microbes. If the humidity is very high in that case you may need to open the air conditioner and run a dehumidifier to remove the moisture content of the particular area. Proper cross ventilation also speeds up the process of carpet drying. During carpet you may need to open all the windows and doors of the room, so that air can easily pass from the room. 

How Professional Carpet Cleaners Helps in Speed Up Drying of Carpets?

Sometimes, carpets seem as they are dry but in reality they are not, that’s why curators need to test moisture content of the carpet. Overall cleaning and drying both processes are very important and difficult because carpet cleaning itself takes time.

A professional carpet cleaner uses a fancy product which helps in removing all kinds of dirt and debris on the carpet. Professionals’ cleaners also have little equipment which helps in drying carpet very fast. This is the only reason that many people prefer dry carpet cleaning because in dry carpet cleaning there is no headache of drying carpet. Carpet cleaning in Brisbane is of the widely used method of carpet cleaning as it saves water and time both. A wool fabric carpet is very thick and takes much time in drying. Therefore we should generally prefer the dry carpet cleaning method.

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