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Tile and grout Cleaning Adela

Making Tile And Grout Cleaner and Healthier

Tile and grouts are one of the things in the house that should be neat and clean every time, but some problems stop you. Peters Cleaning Services provides professional service for such people. The cleaning services available with us are checked and verified for safe results. Our services include steam cleaning, stain removal and odour removal for grouts and tiles. With our effective and long-lasting services, we have been useful to many clients. Our services for Tile and grout Cleaning Adelaide are also available on the same day of booking. You can call on (+61) 481 606 913 or contact us online for any query.

Tile And Grout Adelaide

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    Wide Range of Tile and Grout Cleaning Adelaide Services

    If you want to get back the shine of your dirty and stained tiles in Adelaide, you must know that no one can beat the prices and service quality given by Peters Cleaning Services. We own the best team of professionals for Tile And Grout Cleaning Adelaide and support them with the best tools and cleaning solutions so that they can use their skills to the optimum for the below-given services.


    High-Pressure Tile Cleaning

    We provide a high-pressure cleaning service with the help of professionals for tile and grout cleaning. It helps in cleaning the deep and hard to remove dirt and stains. In all terms, we will make your tiles shine.

    Mould and Algae Treatment

    Mould and algae growth is seen very commonly in the tile and grout, especially the one used in showers. With its growth, the tiles and grout become slippery that can be the reason for a major or minor accident. Our service will make it clean for you.

    Tile Recoloring

    If your tile and grouts have lost its colour then book our service called Tile Recolouring. This service has been helpful to many in restoring the original condition of their grouts and tile. We will do the same for you.

    Floor Tile And Grout Cleaning

    We can make your floor grout neat and clean in the best way. We own all the required items for the service so you will not have to look for anything after making a booking with us. We use tile steam cleaning or tile dry cleaning for this need.

    Tile Surface Epoxy Grouting

    Our epoxy services seals your floor that helps against staining. Our cleaning process removes stain & restores your tile surface to look like new. We will make your floor free of the risks of stains.

    Stained & Discoloured Grouts Cleaning

    Over the time grout colour gets faded and looks dirty. Our tile technicians can repair, recolour and seal your tile grouts for protection of your floor.

    Tile Repair and Restoration

    It is not that every time your tile needs a cleaning service because you may need repairing and restoration service too. If your grouts and tiles have damage, then you can hire our professionals for this service.

    Types of Tile We Clean In Adelaide

    There are various types of tiles. They are different in touch, colour and structure. Some of them can be available in any shape, while others are not. These are the types of tile we clean in Adelaide.

    Tile And Grout Cleaning Services Adelaide
    • Terracotta
    • Sandstone
    • Slate
    • Marbles
    • Ceramic
    • Travertine
    • Granite
    • Mosaic tiles
    • Porcelain
    • Limestone

    The Tiled Areas We Clean In Adelaide

    Kitchens Tile Cleaning: The tiles used in the kitchen can get dirty and stained as there is a movement of the people. Besides this, most of the things in the kitchen are a source for making the grouts and tiles dirty.

    Bathrooms Tile Cleaning

    Tiles in the bathroom has to go through daily use as well as bears the scum of detergents, soaps and shampoos. So it requires cleaning on a regular interval. You can get professionals from us for the service.

    Restaurants Tile Cleaning

    Restaurants and tiles have a better combination. It is the best way to make a better floor for your customers. Here we find the food spills and stains and to clean them you can hire our professionals.

    Cafes Tile Cleaning

    It is a visit place for a lot of people, and the spills of food and drink are a common thing. To clean such spills and stains, we provide professional cleaners.

    Bars Tile Cleaning

    The tiles at these places go through high foot traffic, and spills of the drinks and food items are a common thing. We are here to refresh the look of your tiles at the affordable prices.

    Schools Tile Cleaning

    Book us if you want the cleaning of the large or a small tile area at your school. We have several teams of professionals so that we can clean a large tile area in a less amount of time.

    Clinics Tile Cleaning

    The cleaning and sanitisation are necessary for the tiles at the clinic and hospitals. It may be that bacteria and viruses would be sitting on the tiled floor that may infect the healthy people who are coming along the patients.

    Tile and Grout Cleaning Methods We Use In Adelaide

    These are steps of tile and grout cleaning which is followed by our professional cleaners for Tile And Grout Cleaning Adelaide.

    Inspection of the tile area

    The professionals will inspect the complete tile area which you opted for the cleaning service and will let you know the charges and problems related to your tile and grout.

    Cleaning starts

    Vacuuming the complete tile area is the first step towards cleaning. It is necessary because the mixing of water and surface dirt can create an unnecessary mess. Then, we soak the tile area with water and cleaning agents. The stained areas are kept on prime focus while cleaning.

    Drying the tiles

    The proper drying of the tiles are as necessary as their cleaning. After the drying process, we will polish the tile and grouts too.

    The last Inspection

    We check our work by self as well as give full freedom to you for the same. We are ready to clean again if there is any fault in our work.

    In this way, we can make your tile and grouts free of cleaning issues and safe and healthy for all. Call on (+61) 481 606 913 to give your feedback or file your query with us.

    Why Are We The Best Company For Tile And Grout Cleaning In Adelaide?

    If your floor is not in a proper condition, then it is the right time for a professional tile cleaning service. The best thing is that Peters Cleaning Services can do all these on the same day of booking. There are more things about us and our services. Let us know them one by one.

    Tile And Grout Cleaning In Adelaide
    • High-quality cleaning service at affordable prices
    • Certified and professional cleaners
    • Available 24*7 hours for all customers
    • Residential and commercial tile cleaning
    • Free quotes and discounts available
    Get in touch with us to know more benefits of hiring us for Tile And Grout Cleaning Adelaide. You can make bookings with us to have the same day tile and grout cleaning service in Adelaide.

    Location: Adelaide, SA, Australia


    Are you available on all the locations in Adelaide?

    No, we are not, but we can send our professionals to your place anywhere in Adelaide. No matter where your home or office is in Adelaide, we will deliver our services to your location at the given time.

    Are your all tile services available for residential and commercial premises?

    Yes, our all services for tile and grout cleaning are available for both residential as well as commercial premises. Our professionals will reach your place to give the service you need from us.

    Which are the areas of expertise you have for tile services?

    We specialize in tile stripping, tile sealing, grout recolouring, crack or broken tile replacement, mildew or stain removal, tile protective coating, and shower or tub steam cleaning.