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Endangering our one precious day off to clean our residence is a huge deal for many of us. Would you want to spend your relaxing time away from the office cleaning your residence? If not, you must relax and look forward to an incredibly satisfying experience with the finest upholstery cleaning service providers in Adelaide.

Peters Cleaning Services is an upholstery cleaning service provider which gives you a back seat fun of watching the cleaning of your upholstery. They are specialized in carrying out all sorts of residential cleaning services in Adelaide. Be it routine household cleaning or deep cleaning activities, our professionals are qualified to provide you with the highest quality service efficiently.

You can schedule an Upholstery cleaning appointment via the Peters Cleaning Services website. Just log in, pick a convenient time slot for 24*7 and our experts will visit your residence on the scheduled date and time.
Upholstery Cleaning Adelaide

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    Upholstery Cleaning Services We Offer:

    We offer these facilities in residential and commercial areas alike. We operate 24×7 and on weekends too. The list of services Peters Cleaning Services offer:

    • Leather Sofa Cleaning Services
    • Fabric Sofa Cleaning Services
    • Sofa Stain Removal Services
    • Lounge Cleaning Services
    • Couch Steam Cleaning Services
    • Couch Urine removal services
    • Sofa Vomit cleaning services
    • Upholstery mould removal
    • Pet stain removal services
    • Armchair cleaning services
    • Recliner cleaning services
    • White leather couch cleaning
    • Leather couch conditioning
    • Upholstery sanitising and deodorising

    Stain and Odour Removal From Upholstery

    We at Peters Cleaning Services, have well experienced and skilled experts to manage almost all forms of stain and odour spotted in your upholstery. Several other types of stains are commonly found on the upholstery such as ink stains, nail polish stains, pet urine stains, food stains and so on. We use eco-friendly solutions to treat all the odours as well as obstinate stains. So call us today to avail of our premium upholstery stains and odour cleaning service.

    Leather Upholstery Cleaning

    Leather upholstery looks stunning and gives a vintage feel to your place but cleaning and sustaining them is a tough process. To get your leather upholstery cleaned by the experts you can reach out to us. We use the new equipment and appropriate solution to clean the leather upholstery. Our crew not only clean but also sanitize to remove all the unpleasant odour. To book our leather upholstery cleaning service send us a call on 0488 852 736.

    Sanitizing The Upholstery

    There are moments when you detect a bad odour from your upholstery and want to get rid of it badly. Do not stress, we are here to remove all the terrible odour from your lovely and soothing upholstery. The product we use thoroughly sanitizes and deodorizes the upholstery giving it a refreshing look. Thus, to get a nice scent out of your upholstery reach out to us now.

    Upholstery Dry Cleaning

    We are well known for offering the best and same day upholstery cleaning service in Adelaide. Upholsteries are usually very costly, and it requires care and maintenance. When you see your upholstery being dirty or dusty then do not think twice and contact us, our team will reach out to your location on the same day to provide you with the best service. Our service is quick and effective for all. Moreover, the prices we charge are also very affordable. So be quick to book our same day upholstery cleaning service.

    The Process of Upholstery Cleaning at Peters Cleaning Services

    At Peters Cleaning Services, we adopt the most proven and trusted upholstery cleaning procedure which is as follows:

    • Inspection Of Upholstery: The first stage we follow is, thoroughly inspecting the upholstery to determine the type of fabric and note the cleaning process.
    • Stain Removal: In the next stage, we will treat the stains residing on your upholstery using a safe solution.
    • Cleaning Of Upholstery: Our crew must thoroughly clean the upholstery using a steam cleaning method or dry cleaning. An appropriate method will be used i.e., according to the type of fabric.
    • Upholstery Sanitizing: We not only clean the upholstery but also sanitize it using the right solution.
    • Drying: In the end, we must place the upholstery for drying. We use fast and effective drying machines to dry your lovely upholstery.
    • Final Inspection: Our crew will do a final inspection to ensure that the upholstery is cleaned with utmost perfection.

    Avail Upholstery Cleaning Service at Residential And Commercial Premises

    Peters Cleaning Services provides the reputed upholstery cleaning in the residential as well as the commercial places of Adelaide. We work for the owners of apartments/flats, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and so on. So no matter which is the place all you have to do is give us a call, and our crew will be there to clean your upholstery excellently.

    Why Should You Choose Peter Cleaning Services?

    Hire the best and affordable upholstery cleaning service provider-Peters Cleaning Services. There are several reasons why you should consider hiring us, such as:

    Upholstery Cleaning Service Adelaide
    • We are a licensed upholstery cleaning company in Adelaide.
    • Our facilities are not at all costly.
    • The team is well trained and knowledgeable for cleaning.
    • We provide same-day and weekend upholstery cleaning service.
    • The solution used by us is eco-friendly and safe for all.
    • We provide 100% Result.

    Location: Adelaide, SA, Australia


    Is steam cleaning safe for my Couch in Adelaide?

    Yes, Steam Cleaning is completely safe on couches. We have the best professionals to do couch steam cleaning for you.

    Do you provide upholstery cleaning services on weekends?

    Yes, we provide our upholstery cleaning services on weekends. We are available on all days because we understand the real need of the customers.

    Is upholstery dry cleaning service available in Adelaide?

    Yes, we offer upholstery dry cleaning service at an affordable price in Adelaide. Feel free to contact us when you have a need for this service anywhere in Adelaide.