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Sofas are special and costly. We all know that the material of the sofa is not rare but it comes in different varieties for upholstery and leather couch sofa both. Cleaning with harsh chemical agents directly can harm or damage the sofa so before starting always check the material of the sofa and it guides properly. For the safety of your sofa and increase in its life always remember to take all precautions and full gadgets to clean the sofa under an expert or by proper knowledge. Otherwise the best idea you can go and hire an upholstery cleaning service for having the best results.

Couch Cleaning
Couch Cleaning

Follow The Given Below Methods For Upholstery Dry Cleaning;

Consider The Following Things Before Starting Cleaning;

Always check the tag which is attached from the sofa to get to know which type of material of the upholstery or leather couch sofa is been going to clean. If you see A “W” then you can clean it with fresh water. If you see letter “S” then keep in mind that the fabric must have to be dry cleaned only. If you see the combined letter “WS” it indicates that the fabric is safe for dry cleaners and from the water-based cleaner. If you see the letter “X” then it means that the fabric should be handled very delicately and upholstery dry cleaning should always be done by professionals. If you notice the letter “O” then gently clean it using cold water because the fabric is made from organic matter.


  • Take a brush and start brushing it all over the sofa.
  • Clean all the area of the sofa that has become damaged by hard dirt or stain.
  • Brushing helps in removing the top layer of the hard stains easily.
Upholstery Cleaning Services
Upholstery Cleaning Services

Vacuum The Couch

  • By vacuuming the couch properly you’ll get rid of all the bacterias and dust particles which were there on the couch.
  • If the couch is heavy then you also take someone’s help and clean the couch properly from up to down and all corners.

Detergent Wash

  • Always make sure before washing to see the label tag on your upholstery or leather couch sofa that it’s safe for detergent wash or not.
  • Keep in mind to use only Eco-Friendly solutions or safe chemicals if you are using by your own and follow all the instruction while upholstery cleaning.
  • It’s always recommended to get professional care to have the best results in the deep cleaning of your upholstery and leather couch sofa.
Upholstery Dry Cleaning
Upholstery Dry Cleaning

Professionals Care

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